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Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana'

With huge stripes of brilliant yellow and green how can you go wrong with the Mass Cane. This has been one of the top interior plants for a long time. At Farm Life, you can find the Mass Cane in a 10" pot at 5-6 feet or in a 14" pot at 6-7 feet.

FL 2nds

Dracaena reflexa

Each of these plants is wonderfully unique. The woody base with a canopy of vibrant dark green leaves adds life to any decor. Farm Life grows these plants in 10", 14", 17" and 21" pots with heights ranging from 36" to 10 feet. Sometimes we have even larger specimens.

Dracaena marginata

The Marginata is an impressive plant perfect for versatile settings. Long slender leaves bending gracefully down create a soft feathery look. We offer the Marginata as a multi-cane, multi-head 6-7 foot tall plant in a 14" pot.

Stag. Cutback, Character

Dracaena reflexa 'Song of Jamaica'

If the green reflexa just doesn't have enough flair, this cultivar is the answer. The song of jamaica is very similar to green reflexa except for the yellow stripes adorning the leaves. When available, we sell these in 10" pots at about 3 feet or 14" pots around 5.5 feet.

Dracaena reflexa 'Song of India'

Pale yellow leaves with a gray green stripe make the Song of India exceptional in its ability to stand out. The Song of India Reflexa is not a common item found at Farm Life. When they are available it is usually in 14" or 17" pots with heights from 5 to 9 feet.

Dracaena steudneri 'Janet Lind'

The Janet Lind is a tough interior Dracaena. Deep green upright leaves adds a twist to the normally downward curving Dracaena foliage.

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