Syngonium podophyllum 'Glo Go' 8" Hanging Basket

Requirements and Care: 

General Instructions

Syngonium plants are excellent interior or patio plants. They are on the low to mid end of water use. They require less water than a Pothos and more than ZZ or Aspidistra. Syngoniums can have problems with mites, mealy-bugs, thrips and white-fly. None of these can be considered severe problems however. In a patio or interiorscape setting, mealy-bugs and mites are the biggest concerns. Light can be anything between medium-low to high. Mature plants of some varieties will send out runners that can be directed into interesting shapes.

Insects and Mites

Mealy-bugs, thrips, white-fly and mites may be a problem, although none are considered severe. All except mites can be controlled with a systemic drench of imidicloprid or dinotefuran. Horticultural oil or many new Bio-insecticides can be used if a more organic approach is needed. Mites are best controlled with predator mites. Horticultural Oil and to some degree water alone can be effective in removing mites. Multiple treatments may be needed.


Syngoniums do not have any special nutritional needs. Any regularly applied or slow release fertilizer for foliage plants will keep the plants looking their best. Magnesium rates can be experimented with to vary the degree of coloration in the foliage.