Adonidia merrillii 24" Triple

Alternate Name: 

Christmas Palm

Requirements and Care: 

General Instructions

Focus on insects and fertilizer in order to be successful with Adonidia palms. Like most palms proper potassium and magnesium fertilization is important for maintaining the maximum number of nice looking leaves in the canopy. On the insect front, mealy bugs, scale, and mites will be the biggest problems. Disease would be the last issue considered if the first two problems can be reasonably eliminated.

Insects and Mites

By far the only reasonable treatment for Two Spotted Spider Mites(TSSP) on palms are predator mites. See the Resources section of this website, specifically the Predator Mites document for information on using predator mites. Please don't waist time trying to treat TSSP by some other method. If the mites are red in color, then the normal predators may or may not help with the problem. There are a couple of types of red mites that can be a problem on palms, including an invasive species that has recently (2007) been identified. Sprays may be the best available treatment. The ideal solution would be to contact an agriculture extension office or other professional in your area for identification then check with suppliers of predator insects to determine if a predator is available. For mealybugs and scale, in an interiorscape, a combination of systemic insecticides, hand cleaning, and spraying should be used. The larger the palm, the more preventative your treatments should be. Drench with a systemic insecticide every 4-6 months to prevent problems. On easier to maintain palms, use hand cleaning to remove a large percentage of the population, then treat with either sprays or systemic drenches. Always consider the nutritional status of the plant when treating for insect problems. A healthy plant will resist infestations by insects.


Palm nutrition can be more tricky than other foliage plants. Not only should you pay attention to the ratios of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, but the ratio of Potassium and Magnesium can determine how nice the oldest leaves are. Again, see the Resources section of our website for information on Plant Nutrient Requirements.