Philodendron 'Congo' 14"

Requirements and Care: 

Philodendron 'Congo':

Use the 'Congo' for the deep emerald green coloration not seen very often in foliage plants. This plant needs very little water and should be maintained much more dry than wet. While it has the appearance of a plant that can survive in very little light, we recommend medium light and above to keep it looking great. Small spots on the leaves may tell of the presence of spider mites, however these can be easily removed by wiping or by releasing predator mites.

  • Pot Size: 10" / 3 gallon
  • Light Requirements: Medium or above.
  • Water Requirement: Low. Be more cautious of too much water than too little. The entire pot and plant should be very light before watering.
  • Special Nutrient Requirements: None
  • Insects and Mites: Mites can be a problem, but nothing extraordinary. Watch for small spots appearing on the leaves.