Dracaena reflexa 14"

Dracaena Reflexa

Requirements and Care: 

General Instructions

The Reflexa is a fantastic medium to high light interior plant. This plant has many interesting forms and holds up well in most interior environments. The Reflexa is a heavy plant and therefor difficult to lift to test its watering needs. Use a soil probe for the most accurate assessment. Over-watering should be avoided, but so should under-watering since older leaves will turn yellow and fall off of the plant if it receives too little water. Once older leaves are gone they will not grow in this area again without trimming. Reflexas will also have leaves that turn yellow and fall when they are acclimating to a new lower light environment. This will almost assuredly happen when the plant transitions from nursery to interior. Don't confuse this with leaf drop due to water stress or root damage may be the result. Use a probe and monitor closely for 1 month while the plant settles to its new environment.
The Reflexa can be trimmed to maintain its shape, or to create a new shape. After trimming increase the light that the plant receives to maximize the number of new stems that are created. Fertilizer will help at this time also. Don't move the plant from inside to full sun or it will burn.

Insects and Mites

Mealybugs are a problem with the Reflexa. If mealybugs are likely to be a problem in the plants environment, drenching with a systemic insecticide on a preventative basis will keep the plants free of the insect. Mealybugs will be in the growing tips around the newest leaves. Black mildew and white insects will give them away. Reflexas sometimes grow masses of roots in the canopy of the plant. These areas also harbor mealybugs and should be removed if you are treating the plants for this problem.
Other plant pest are not a major problem for the Reflexa.


Iron is a recommended addition to a good fertilizer program to keep the Reflexa looking its best. Use small doses once or twice per year along with a complete fertilizer program. Iron can be applied in the form of a powder, as a top dress, or in liquid form along with irrigation water. If your Reflexa is actively growing and on the new foliage you can see the dark vascular system of the plant through the leaf, the plant is deficient in iron. Make sure there is a balanced fertilizer program being supplied to the plant and add additional iron the the program.