Dracaena 'Elegance Cane' 14 "

Dracaena Elegance Cane

Requirements and Care: 

General Instructions

Elegance Cane is a very good low to medium light indoor plant that does not have any exceptional requirements or problems. Keep the water to a minimum unless the plant looks water stressed. A healthy Elegance cane plant will have broad shiny dark green leaves that hang in an arc from the stem. Leaves that are dull or have thin bases indicate a problem with the roots. If these signs are observed, pick up the pot to determine how saturated the soil is. A dry plant will weight almost nothing while a plant with saturated media is much heavier. If the plant feels heavy stop watering and let it dry. The roots will be in the bottom half of the container and so will all of the water. If the soil surface looks dry that does not indicate that the whole of the media is dry.

Insects and Mites

In the nursery, we have observed mealybugs and mites on these plants but only in a minor capacity. Mites have been observed very infrequently to the point that it should not be a concern. Mealybugs can be controlled with a systemic insecticide used as a spray or drench. Other plant pests, such as thrips, aphids and scale are not a problem for the Elegance Cane.


Iron is a recommended addition to a good fertilizer program to keep the Elegance cane looking its best. Use small doses once or twice per year along with a complete fertilizer program. Iron can be applied in the form of a powder, as a top dress, or in liquid form along with irrigation water.