Dieffenbachia 'Camouflage' 10"

Requirements and Care: 

Dieffenbachia 'Camouflage':

The Camouflage is a strikingly colorful Dieffenbachia that will definitely catch the eye in any type of environment. The 'Camo' does well at the low end of a high light environment suitable for Adonidia palms or Massangeana Cane. No special water or nutrient requirements make this plant easy to care for. Almost no insect or mite problems have been observed on the 'Camo' making it a rock solid addition to a bright interior-scape or patio. Camouflage is best used to fill large areas, as they will reach heights of 50+ inches with a spread to match. Dieffenbachias suffer from easily broken (bent midrib) leaves so handle with care.

  • Pot Size: 10" / 3 gallon
  • Light Requirements: Lower-High light or brighter.
  • Water Requirement: Normal, water as needed. This plant does not have any special watering needs.
  • Special Nutrient Requirements: Apply dolomite at 1 teaspoon per gallon of pot size two times per year to supply Calcium , magnesium and to buffer the pH of the soil. Use a low dose of a 2:1:2 ratio fertilizer that contains minor nutrients and macro nutrients.
  • Insects and Mites: Very few insects have been observed on the Camouflage. In the nursery, both mealybugs and aphids have inhabited the plants, but to a very minor degree. These plants are not a favorite of the pests. Safari or mechanical cleaning is the preferred treatment for mealybugs.