Dieffenbachia 'Sterling' 10"

Requirements and Care: 

Dieffenbachia 'Sterling':

This is a very pretty plant that can be used at the high end of a medium light environment. The Sterling's light requirement is similar to Mass Cane and greater than Reflexa or Marginata. No special water or nutrient requirements makes the 'Sterling' and easy plant to care for. Check foliage for mites at each watering and release predator mites, (californicus or persimilis), or spray as needed. Let the plant dry sufficiently between watering to maintain a healthy root environment. The lower foliage will become yellow if the plant is too dry for too long. The sterling grows more slowly than the camouflage and will reach a max height of about 40 inches.

  • Pot Size: 10" / 3 gallon
  • Light Requirements: Best if used under Medium-High light environments or brighter. Some shade is required.
  • Water Requirement: Normal, water as needed. Be more cautious of too much water than too little. This plant does not have any special watering needs. Foliage will droop and lower foliage will turn yellow if plants are too dry for too long
  • Special Nutrient Requirements: Apply dolomite at 1 teaspoon per gallon of pot size two times per year to supply Calcium , magnesium and to buffer the pH of the soil. Use a low dose of a 2:1:2 ratio fertilizer that contains minor nutrients and macro nutrients.
  • Insects and Mites: Mites can be a problem. Both Two Spotted spider mites and red mites can utilize the plant. Two spotted spider mites can be treated successfully with predator mites. Red mites are not easily controlled with predators and should be killed with a miticide or mechanical cleaning, or both. Mealybugs can be controlled through mechanical cleaning, or a Safari drench. In the nursery, thrips and caterpillars are common problems, but these are most likely not interior-scape pests.