Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend a few sources for interior approved pesticides?

1) The CDMS database, used to find labels and MSDS sheets for almost all pesticides.

If I have a plant problem, how is the best way to ask for help?

In an effort to streamline the difficult process of diagnosing a plant problem over a long distance we have created a set of guidlines for asking for help. Visit the resource section to view the document entitled Help for Getting Help. While you are in the resources section, be sure to browse our other informative documents for any that may be of interest to you.

How are my plants prepared for shipping?

First we pull your plants from the shadehouses, then they are treated with a drench of beneficial nematodes to prevent an infestation of fungus gnats (See our Fungus Gnat Control Program Page). Next the plants are inspected by our sales staff. At this point, we insert a yellow sticky plant stake, "un-armed", to ensure that any fungus gnats that escape the drench will be caught and killed. Finally, we apply retail ready stickers and tags if requested, sleeve the plants and label them for shipping. At this point they are ready to be picked up by your trucking company.

How do I place an order?

You can FAX or call in your order no later than 4:00 PM the day prior to the pickup date. First time customers are required to prepay for their first shipment. Payment can be in the form of a check, money order or wire transfer. There is a fee for a wire transfer. We require a minimum of $300 per order.

Do you have a cut off time for placing orders?

Our cut off time is 4:00 pm the day before your order ships. This is to insure that all plants are pulled, cleaned, inspected by our sales staff, sleeved and labelled before shipping.

How are my plants packaged and protected during shipping?

Packaging options include single sleeved, double sleeved, poly wrapped or boxed. We are adaptable to any specific requests so just ask us if your order needs something unique.

Are you certified to ship to California?

Farm Life’s 14" Aralias are certified to ship to California. Our Aralia line includes Ming, Balfour variegated, Balfour Lemon Lime, and Fabian. We write our own phytos for California.

Can you ship to Canada?

Yes, all of our plants can ship to Canada. We write our own phytosanitary certificate, so only 1 days notice is necessary before your truck arrives for pickup.

Do you broker plants?

All plants that we ship are grown on our property by us. If not for the entire life of the plant, then for sufficient time for us to make sure they are Farm Life quality plants and are properly acclimated. We find this is the best way to control the quality and specifications of each plant. You will see that Farm Life plants are always consistent.

Can you put a retail SKU on my plants?

We have a retail ready program that is very simple. For a minimal charge, we will add a care tag, upc sticker with barcode, sku and retail price to your plants. Your plants will be thoroughly cleaned so you can rest assured that your plants will be ready to sell the moment you receive them!

What if I’ve never shipped directly from Florida?

No problem! We make the process very easy for you. We can assist in finding a trucking company that will deliver to your area. We can help you figure out how many cubic feet your order will require. Just let us know what you need and we’ll help in every step of the way. We do it all of the time!