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Farm Life History

Farm Life Tropical Foliage was founded in 1985 on 5 acres of land in the heart of the Redlands district in South Florida. The nursery specialized in supplying interior palms and trees up to 40' tall as well as other interior foliage plants down to the 3 gallon pot size. As a unique supplier of very large interior foliage plants the nursery grew to contain 25 acres of shadehouse that ranged from 12' to 45' tall. These shadehouses were rebuilt completely in 1993 after Hurricane Andrew and they survived until 2005 when hurricanes Katrina and Wilma knocked them down again. In 2006 the nursery was rebuilt in its present form 1 mile West of the original location. This new location allowed Farm Life to consolidate its shadehouses on one property and start from scratch building an irrigation and electric infrastructure that has greatly contributed to the success of the nursery today.

Today, Farm Life's production areas are 18.5 acres of shadehouses, 10 acres of marl field and 3 acres of large trees and palms in in-ground grow bags. A drip fertigation system supplies water and fertilizer to 14.5 acres of shadehouse space while the remaining 4 acres of shadehouse space are covered by overhead sprinklers. 10 acres of production space are Cravo Flat Root Greenhouses that supply the nursery with motorized retractable overhead shade layers and walls. These specialized shadehouses are designed to survive a 120 mph hurricane while protecting the plants as well as provide multiple options for our growing environment. The nurseries most recent addition is a 2 acre Cravo flat roof shadehouse that will be completed in the beginning of 2013. The new shadehouse will meet the same windload specification as the existing structures but will provide 2 additional feet of height under shade. This addition will allow Farm Life to finish plants for interior use up to 14 ft.

Since hurricanes have played a major role in the history of the nursery, the current facility has been designed to allow continued operation after these storms. The Cravo shadehouses can be opened for storms above a category 2 in order to save the structure and the shade, which can then be closed after the storm to prevent loss of plants due to sunburn. The nursery's office and packing house structure is an 18,000 sq. ft. metal building built to withstand 150 mph winds.  Additionally, an 1100 sq. ft. concrete block building houses all of the drip fertigation system which itself is 80% underground. The packing house, office and irrigation house are pre-wired to run from generators in the event of extended power outages. Most importantly, the entire staff will cross their fingers and hope for the best when the next hurricane hits.